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We are a London based insurance provider that combines experience with professionalism to ensure that your needs are prioritised.

Finding the right Insurance and Financial Brokerage is key to financial success and well-being, and who better to provide you with these services in a professional and efficient manner than COVRD? Despite our new name, we have a long and successful history within the UK insurance market, establishing ourselves as a cutting-edge provider of insurance services across multiple platforms and segments ranging from Life to Business Insurance.

Irrespective of our position and physical location as Finance Brokers based in London, our services reach every corner of the UK. What this means is that whether you find yourself in Plymouth or Preston, our keen and caring Brokers will ensure that we find an insurance solution that best suits your unique requirement.

With COVRD by your side, you will find yourself in the ideal position where we take care of your risk while you take care of living the life that you have been searching for.

As leading Insurance Brokers based in London, the financial heartland of the UK, we are fortunate to find ourselves ideally positioned to provide you with Income Protection, Keyman and relevant Insurance, Life Insurance and Private Medical Insurance products from some of the UK Insurance Industry’s leading suppliers. This ensures that your insurance and financial needs are taken care of with products that are best suited to your lifestyle, the stage of life you find yourself in, and your personal requirements.

The reason why we have adopted this multi-pronged approach is that over the years, we have seen members of the public sign-up for insurance products that merely come close to their actual needs. We are vehemently opposed to this approach whereby you land up shaping your needs to suit the limited number of insurance products that you have access to if you choose a single provider, as opposed to entrusting COVRD with your needs. With COVRD, our team of Brokers work with providers and industry experts from across multiple insurance providers to scour the landscape to find, and mould solutions to your needs, the way insurance is supposed to be.

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