Private Health Insurance from COVRD offers you the ability to care for your greatest asset, your health. At COVRD, our team of Financial Advisors are committed to finding the ideal Private Medial Insurance plan that covers you and your family at the most affordable rate. With Private Medical Insurance cover from COVRD, you gain access to a vast collection of benefits to ensure that you and your family’s medical needs are taken care of by the countries leading service providers.

As part of our Private Medical Insurance, you can look forward to the following benefits:

In and Day-Patient Cover

Full cover for hospital and registered consultant fees, diagnostic tests and out-patient surgical procedures. Additional benefits also include Home Nursing and Childbirth Cash benefits.

24/7 GP Access

Health emergencies don’t keep office hours and that’s why COVRD offers 24/7 GP access. This benefit gives you access to video consultations, a private GP helpline, directs referrals with consultants and private prescriptions when and where you need it. This benefit is especially invaluable to parents whose children may be faced with medical emergencies such as fevers at times when a traditional GP is not available.

Outstanding Care

This benefit gives you access to help and expert medical advice when you need it most thanks to our networks of medical professionals and trained case managers. As part of our Outstanding Care benefit, we also offer you NHS Hospital Cash Benefits as well as cover for a wide selection of home treatments, including chemotherapy.

Advanced Cancer Cover

No family wants to go through the nightmare associated with a Cancer diagnosis of a loved one and the subsequent treatment regime which ensues. To help ease the emotional, physical and financial burden associated with Cancer, COVRD offers Advanced Cancer Cover, a benefit that pays out to ensure you are protected from the cost associated with treatment which includes outpatients costs.

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    Private Medical Insurance

    Private Health Insurance from COVRD offers you the ability to care for your greatest asset, your health.